¡Hola! I am Itziar San Vicente,

and UX Designer based in Madrid

Hi! I am Itziar, co-founder of Muak Studio, where I work as a UX designer in projects that I truly believe in. 

With 14 years of experience, I have worked as an Art Director, Graphic & Web Designer, Illustrator, Editorial Designer, Entrepreneur, Freelance and Heavy pinner ( I even had dinner once with Evan Sharp, cofounder of Pinterest! #truestory)… In each work I have learnt to understand the needs of the client and users, to be practical, resolutive and to deliver the best possible work. I now realize this experience has prepared me to be a better and more complete designer, being able to adapt to new situations and to emphatize truly with every project I work in.

UX was a revolution in the way I understand work. Psychology, art, tech and design, all in one! My dream came true 🙂

I have not stopped applying it in all projects since then. Design thinking, research, creativity, user centered design, prototyping and testing are among the tools I use on a daily basis to carry out projects.

I also love to teach at Upgrade Hub, Ironhack, CICE, Arte Diez, Loom House, Team Labs and School Up.

My specialties are UX, UI, Identity, Branding, Editorial Design, and Web Design! Always looking for more challenges!

For more info, please find me at Linkedin or Twitter.
For Pinterest collaborations, please write me to hola @ itziarsanvicente.com – Pinterest Collab.